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Joker’s Inkwell

Yves “Joker” Lopez

Joker has been tattooing since 2004 and loves to do a variety of styles of art. He has done several commissioned paintings and is well known for his lettering. He enjoys creating realistic landscapes and animals and has experience with watercolor technique, traditional, and neo-traditional styles. He can take a good idea and create a masterpiece on skin! 


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Jacob Mize

Jacob has only been tattooing full time since 2022, but has crammed an unimaginable amount of hours of passionate work into that short period of time. His favorite style to tattoo is Anime, but gets excited about bringing any of his client's ideas to life no matter the style. He's best knwn for delivering on the term "ink therap." You'll have just met, but by the end of the tattoo, you'll consider each other homies. 


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Nick Price Hancock

Nick Price-Hancock is a young artist with an affinity for all things geeky and horror related. He has a vast knowledge of comics, MCU, and horror films. He enjoys doing tattoos that revolve around this subject matter, making for great conversation in the booth when he gets the opportunity to work on pieces rooted in these categories, but enjoys doing any and all tattoos that come his way!


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